Different types of summing exercises that promote sound physical and mental health

Are you new to swimming? Then, you need to take the help of professional swimmers at https://www.yourswimlog.com to learn the tactics of swimming to excel in this exercise. Undoubtedly, this is the best yet fun exercising activity that is loved equally by kids and elders. Following are a few yourswimlog swimming exercises that would promote sound mental and physical health:

Freestyle: This is the fastest stroke that is carried out by the layman to swimming. In this type of exercise, you need to float on the water by keeping your face down while extending the hand on the water surface. You need to take your right hand into the water to push the water and then lift the right hand above to water and bring it to its normal position. Subsequently, you need to do the same with your left hand. It is important for you to keep moving your head towards each side to have proper breathing.

Backstroke: This type of exercises has to be tried by the swimmers who learn the basics of swimming. In this type of exercise, you should keep floating on the water on the back keeping your hands beside you. Then, you should slowly lift the right hand and move in the form of a circle and then push it back into the water. You need to keep pushing the water to move ahead.

Breaststroke: In this type of exercise, the swimmer will float on the water by keeping their face down while the arms are extended towards the head. By keeping the arms straight, you need to pull water from the head to chest. Once the palms touch the chest, you need to fold your arms to move back to the start position. You then need to extend the arms ahead while going under the water and exhaling through the mouth or nose.